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   WHO AM I   

I'm Dr. Adam Abramson. I'm an environmental scientist and economist who has been working with smallholder farmers in Africa for over 12 years. I've been exploring ways to solve some of the most pressing challenges in the fields of water and food security. My research and career have taken me through Southern and Eastern Africa where I've met countless farmers and learned about the challenges and possibilities of small-scale farming. Some of these experiences include:

- PhD fieldwork in rural Zambia exploring the potential of various water development approaches

- Postdoctoral work (UCSD) in rural Zimbabwe, together with Foundations for Farming and Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre exploring the potential of digital platform to accelerate learning among farmers

- Assistant teacher of Rural Water Development at Ben Gurion University with fieldwork exploring water development approaches in Zambia and Ethiopia. 

- As founder of Farmster, an agtech startup aiming to solve marketing challenges for smallholder farmers using digital technology, I've spent years between Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya linking farmers with local buyers

- With Precision Development, I help develop partnerships and programs with governments, non-profits and the private sector to accelerate access to digital advisory services for smallholders.

This podcast is a personal endeavor, unconnected to, and unreflective of, the operational experience, ambitions, and policy positions of my employer, Precision Development (PxD).


Adam Abramson
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